Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Ra's

Little Ra's is for the Little One's who like to play in the dirt and look good doing it 

Whether it be a modern design or a new twist on a classic, I strive to keep all items age appropriate and functional for all the busy girls .Using alternative styles, fabrics and colours that you would not typically find for Little Ones is what Little Ra's is all about. 


               Boys Brown Corduroy Fall Jacket or Coat Lined in Green

                                                                                             Click on photo to shop

                                        It's back to school, send your fella in a classic coat, with a great pop of colour.

      A durable brown corduroy coat, fully lined in green with wood buttons and welt pockets. Stylish, and comfy, perfect for                  dudes heading back to school.


                                      Reversible Flat Front Spoons Forks and                   


KnivesPants for Girls or Boys

                                                                                       click on photo to shop

                                                Super comfy, two layers of cotton, warm enough for fall and winter
                                                                      Elastic at the back for the perfect fit.

                                                   Completely reversible, because we know how things can get messy.
                                                      Flat front because we know how big kids hate looking like little kids.
                                                                        100% cotton because we know how great it is.

                                                                                              The Reverse

                                                                                           click on photo to shop

                                                                                                      The Reverse


                      Girl's Wool Blue and Black Houndstooth Caplet

Blue and black houndstooth wool, fully lined in a navy blue is a perfect addition to any Little One's wardrobe. A delicate looking (yet tough in action) frog closure is romantic and surprisingly easy for small fingers to button.

                                                             click on photo to shop

Wear it over anything, from shirts and sweaters to winter coats (this is how you dress up those warm but perhaps less than beautiful winter coats for various holiday parties).

                                                              click on photo to shop

A full 38" in diameter is comfortable for a 3+. 

                                                                   click on photo to shop

What makes this cape so great? It's warm, beautiful and can be worn forever! With enough room to fit around an adult's neck (hitting just above the elbow on an adult, at the wrist or just over the hand for children) this cape will take you from year to year, for many years to come.
With proper care, you'll have something to hand down for generations.


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