Saturday, November 2, 2013


How many hours did you spend in the cold 

school gym, with foot-stomping rhythms playing on the Boom-Box and your gym teacher hollering for you to find-a-partner-and-doh-see-doh already? Well, those hours are about to pay off - bust out your hoop skirts & dust off your cowboy boots! The Junction Project presents November's Family Dance Party; The Hootenanny!

No need to dig deep into your memory for the how-to, we'll have a caller accompanying our live fiddle band. Did we mention it's a LIVE FIDDLE BAND?! How cool is that?

So come & enjoy some amazing live music while our kidlets promenade (see? I paid attention all those years ago) on the dance floor!

Tickets are on sale now at Kid Culture (3124 Dundas West) and are $10 each, babes in arms free.


The Junction old time string band. 

. Old time Appalachian fiddle tunes

Georgina Blanchard fiddle, Tim Bradford guitar, Travis McCauley banjo. The caller is Peg Evans, a Canadian opera co chorus member and Waldorf trained music teacher.


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