Thursday, May 23, 2013


                                            Wednesday June 12th 6;:30-8:30

                                       MATERIALS FOR UP CYCLED SHIRTS

1.  We will have time to do several shirts so please bring in several shirts.  Bring in several T-shirts or tank top that fits your child.  You can also bring in a onesie if you like (although design options are very small because of how small the onesie is).

2.  Bring in your stash of different materials that we can incorporate into the design such as:  vintage badges, antique laces, antique doilies, t-shirts from your children that have fun prints and screen prints on.

3.  Bring in a 4-5 adult t-shirts in different colours and prints, stripes, polka dots ect. (we only need about 1/4 of the shirt so there will be lots of leftovers to made additional shirts).

Additional tools:  Sewing machine, sewing needles, scissors, pins, tailors chalk, 

If you have a rotary cutter, grid ruler and rotary mat this would also be helpful (I will be bringing some in but we will have to share).

Cost $60.00

            Space is limited so book in advance to ensure availability


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